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Rebecca Hanson provides professional development services for primary teachers in Cumbria who want to enjoy teaching mathematics well. She provides regular or occasional face-to-face tuition in Cockermouth (for students in years 6-13) and one-off sessions for parents who want to know how to better help their children with maths in Cockermouth or by Skype. Rebecca also completes a wide range of commissions in mathematics education including writing teaching materials. Authentic Maths is her business.

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Multiplication Tables Check Assessment Framework Correspondence

Dear Standards and Testing Agency. I wish to reopen my

04 Dec 18 Rebecca Hanson

Multiplication tables check (MTC) assessment framework

The specification for the MultiplicationTables Check (M

14 Nov 18 Rebecca Hanson

Update – Exciting Times

Over the last four years I’ve discovered many uni

29 Oct 18 Rebecca Hanson

Why Cumbrian primary teachers are world-leading in teaching maths for mastery

Videos from the Teacher Inquiry Conference at the Unive

24 May 18 Rebecca Hanson

University of Cumbria Teacher Inquiry Conference Wed 23rd May 2018

I will be presenting at this conference and look forwar

17 May 18 Rebecca Hanson

Authentic Maths News May 2018

Authentic Maths primary maths training has thrived.  T

17 May 18 Rebecca Hanson

Cumbrian Schools Ready for the Statutory Tables Check

Staff from St. Mary’s Harrington preparing to &#8

26 Jan 18 Rebecca Hanson

Primary Mathematics Curriculum and Assessment Changes

Primary Numeracy Co-ordinators Update – Winter 2017/1

08 Nov 17 Rebecca Hanson

September 2017 Local and National News

I’ve been busy! Please accept my apologies for the la

30 Sep 17 Rebecca Hanson


One of the best things about running your own business

17 Mar 17 Rebecca Hanson

Celebrating 250 teachers and teaching assistants trained

What a year! Feeling incredibly lucky and privileged to

24 Nov 16 Rebecca Hanson

Signing off from Voom.

For those who didn’t receive it, here’s a c

07 Jun 16 Rebecca Hanson

Sue Hayman and the Times & Star supporting the Voom Bid

Sue Hayman MP supporting the Authentic Maths Voom bid t

21 May 16 Rebecca Hanson

Authentic Maths Radio Interview

Find out more about Rebecca Hanson and Authentic Maths.

18 May 16 Rebecca Hanson

The highs and lows of West Cumbria

On the one hand the business community of West Cumbria

17 May 16 Rebecca Hanson

Authentic Maths Virgin VOOM Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE West Cumbrian Education Entrepren

09 May 16 Rebecca Hanson

24th May TAs Training SOLD OUT

    The Excellence in Eden TAs training on Ma

03 May 16 Rebecca Hanson

More spaces added – KS2/3 TAs training Tues 24th May

Great news – we’ve managed to secure a larg

17 Apr 16 Rebecca Hanson

100 Teachers Trained Press Release


06 Apr 16 Rebecca Hanson

Newsflash (x2)

The excellent program “The Trouble with Numbers&#

03 Nov 14 Rebecca Hanson

Feature – Free from Jo Boaler

Jo Boaler is a top UK professor of mathematics educatio

27 Oct 14 Rebecca Hanson

Goodbye to old networks

Although it was very hard to say goodbye to such a grea

12 Oct 14 Rebecca Hanson

Rebecca Hanson – policy campaigner

Rebecca Hanson from Authentic Maths has been fighting f

12 Oct 14 Rebecca Hanson

October Update – Good News!

Following the disappointing news that the Cumbria bid f

07 Oct 14 Rebecca Hanson

National Assessment Reform Report 1 September 2014

By June it seemed that important conversations about pe

31 Aug 14 Rebecca Hanson

April Update

Storm Clouds passing St. Bees (photo unaccredited from

15 Apr 14 Rebecca Hanson

2014 Primary Mathematics Curriculum is Not Fit for Purpose

Following the writing of my first report on the 2014 Pr

31 Dec 13 Rebecca Hanson

A report for primary schools on the new National Curriculum

A free report for primary schools on the new Primary M

11 Dec 13 Rebecca Hanson

Fun for parents in 2014

I originally thought that Authentic Maths would focus o

11 Dec 13 Rebecca Hanson

Pre-launch News

Authentic Maths is due to launch in October 2013 Authen

25 Sep 13 Rebecca Hanson