Advanced Schools

Advanced schools, which have completed Year Specific Training from Authentic Maths, have access to a wide range of mathematics education support services.

Free services

Rebecca will answer any questions you have about how to teach a specific maths concept on the primary maths curriculum to a mixed ability class.  If she can’t answer them by email or on the phone she will pop in to see you for free.

Whole school professional development

  • Calculation Policy
    Your calculation policy is a key document which personalises the national curriculum to your school and which underpins the development or your schemes of work.  Develop your calculation policy so that it embeds your schools’ strengths and the ideas taught in specific year training.
  • Number TalksNumber Talks
    Help kids love maths, encourage articulation, discourage student/teacher dependency and wow Ofsted with your starter questions. This whole school CPD session teaches specific strategies that enable teachers to hear the personal mathematical thinking of each child in their class during whole class teaching sessions. This course has been developed from Sherry Parish’ ‘Number Talks’ book and schools receive a copy of her book/resource pack.
  • Powerful questions and problem solving
    Enhance children’s problem solving skills through powerful teaching and rich activities.  Just like year specific training (and building on its foundations) this course will be tailored to fit around your school’s strengths to focus the small changes that will make a real difference.
  • All together for year 6
    Teaching the new maths curriculum to mixed ability year 6 classes is an enormous challenge.  This inset is recommended for schools which have strengthened their teaching with year specific training and are now ready to teach the full Y6 maths curriculum to all students.  If we expect all our children to cope shouldn’t we, as a staff, all know what we’re asking them to do?  Enjoy fabulous tasks and a chance to look at how the whole primary curriculum fits together.
  • Cross Curricular Maths
    Marvellous multi-skills, awesome art, scintillating science, magical music, fantastic food and luscious literacy.  A chance to think through and plan for powerful cross curricular maths.

Bespoke services

From helping numeracy co-ordinators to understand best practice in teaching the full primary curriculum to supporting you as you develop mastery corners via anything you like – please contact Authentic Maths.

Advanced training

Advanced primary maths teaching training and qualifications are scheduled for launch in 2017/18.