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Free Reception and Mixed Year 1&2 Maths Year Planning now live

15 Jul 19
Rebecca Hanson

From September 2019 All Authentic Maths Training will come with free, complete year planning guides. These are available for free download from the Facebook Group: Expert Primary Maths Teacher Planning.

At the time of writing this post Reception and Mixed Year 1&2 plans are available. Mixed Year 3&4 and Mixed Year 5&6 will be shared this week. Single year plans for Years 1-6 will follow during the summer break.

I’ve posted them in Facebook because it’s so easy to updated them and for people to share their comments about them together. If you’re not on Facebook and would like copies please contact Authentic Maths.


  1. Meg Potter August 14, 2019 at 9:40 pm Reply

    Hi Rebecca, I’ve tried to find the Facebook group but can’t.
    Any chance you could send me the link?
    Thank you.

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